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Project Description

This project helps you to build a weather station based on .Net Micro Framework. The data come from some sensors (temperature, humidity, luminosity and wind speed) and you can read them, in real time, using a Web page on the integrated Web Server. Enabling data logging, you can save your data into a microSD.

The project is built for Netduino Plus board and based on .Net Micro Framework 4.2 but you can use a different board changing only the pin for the sensors connections.

It uses Metro UI CSS (http://metroui.org.ua/) for Metro style Web page.

The main components are :

  • Netduino Plus board;
  • Wind Speed Anemometer;
  • SHT1X Temperature and Humidity sensor;
  • Photoresistor for luminosity;
  • DS1307 RTC;
  • microSD for data logging;

 The entire kit is also available on Robot-Domestici at the following page

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